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Regina's Biodynamic + Natural Wine Bar


Bio-dynamic wines. Bio-Dome. Pauly Shore. What do they have in common?

Nothing at all.

Popularized by Rudolf Stiener in the 1920's it predates organic farming by almost 20 years and has 2 different governing bodies to certify that a winemaker is  making bio-dynamic wines. In 2015 there were just over 650 producers.

Okay but WHAT is it?

In essence it is an entire system and philosophy for the production of wine. Every task, from pruning to harvesting, is done on a strict schedule that coincides with the sun and moon cycles. The bio-dynamic calendar was originally devised by Maria Thun who divided all the days into four categories. Root, Fruit, Flower and Leaf.

Do they taste different?

Short answer. No all wine is delicious.


Bio-dynamic wine has no chemicals or manufactured additions used in the wine making process which means its a totally natural wine. Those who subscribe to the philosophy believe that the wine is more characteristic of the earth, terroir, it was grown in.

Come in a drink some. Its delicious...its either that or Jameson.